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First things first, I want all of you to know that I am Jicem on IRC, not JCM or anything like that. Jicem is the only name I could register and it's also how to pronounce my name here, so please don't refer me to there as "JCM" and vice-versa. Now, to the story.

Do any of you know what it's like to be banned from #wikia for 15 minutes of your life? Of course you don't, do-gooders, but I'll give you a simple synopsis. It's not fun.

It was the day I found out about ChanServ's access list. Charitwo, who at first look wouldn't obviously be classified as an op, blocked a spammer indirectly. I, being the curious person I am, let my imagination run wild, and when your in that deep, you don't whether or not you're posting them all to a chatroom. I unfortunately was, and though I'm not that clear on it, think I remember calling charitwo something to the extent of Batman. Maybe he's one of the non-cynical ops, I thought. I... was wrong and he called me out on my "sarcasm", saying it was off-topic.

I was in hot water, but I didn't really have much to worry about, since I was a regular on the channel. Didn't use drugs, curse, or stick jelly beans up my nose. I was loved by everybody. Yeah, right. After a "mass killing", everyone went into a non-Wikia-related panic and it was up to Eulalia and Joey to reassure everyone. I probably talked a little too much in the conflict, as before I knew it, my cloak was quieted (which is a polite way of saying banhammered) by charitwo on 15:00 November 1, 2009 EST.

When you're banned, you may start hallucinating. I did, and saw myself as a person with a life, someone who could handle not being active on a chatroom 24/7. I then started imagining a bunch of problems I could have with Wikia and what I'd have to do without the general support channel to turn to. I'd have to PM users, or even, gulp, use the Special:Contact function. I would have had even more terrible thoughts if I didn't see one of the most happiest messages I've ever gotten: "You have been unquieted on #wikia by charitwo".

You'd think I learned my lesson there, right? I did too, until about 10 minutes later when people were talking about "the lady", who I assumed to be charitwo because a user said it was charitwo. I know, I'm a very ignorant person, don't rub it in. Anyway, charitwo wasn't exactly happy with being called a female and told us to the discussion elsewhere. Why he spared me that time, I'll never know. But let this here be a warning to y'all folks considering going off-topic in #wikia. The ops don't want randomness in their channel, ya hear? That is all.

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