October 22, 2009

Ugh. Even though i was not on last night, i still read the IMs i got from my e-mail on my phone. I got an IM from some Cody dude talking shi* about the UNION, saying that he doesnt know any of them and that i need to get some real armies in it. HA! Alot of the real armies hate us smaller armies like ASR, Preatos, etc. Which is why i created the UNION in the first place to create alliances between the small armies to overthrow the larger armies. Even if "Cody" was in new rome for 3 years, he has no right to critisize small armies that are still trying to get organized and recruit. NO ONE F*ing cares about what you say. lol.

Also, i read a group notice from an army that my friend made saying that ASR doesn't want him to be in his own army (wow...not uncommon for them) and that i was going to be the owner of his army(Mmk) untill he can return. Ugh, Im in charge of my own army, The Armegeddon Army, co-owner of Death Mercenaries, owner of The UNION, and now his army? How do i become this popular in TSL military and not be known by the random mini-armies in TSL? ASR and Preatos know of me and ASR is trying their best to kill the militaries i'm in and the UNION before we get TOO strong. If ASR is so large, then im surprised that they have not done anything good. i just see them stay at home on Bannockburn and visit midway but thats all ASR does now and days with Shawn and his builders being so slow at building(even though they're really good at building what they feel like, even though they're probably not the best scripters), but they dont really do much.

A few days ago I was in midway working on a project because its rarely ever laggy there up near 3500M, but anyway, I was working on a project and hanging out with a friend when some ASR trainees show up and shoot us. I head back and killed him with a manuel cannon i made(quite easily i may say). When he came back he said "I just wanted to see!"(wow. If he really wanted to see he could of asked). then he shoots me AGAIN. this time when i got back he was stuck inside(because i closed the entry ways which are 12M thick even though the 2-3M thick windows can be warped through) so i turned the security drones on(which are still being worked on, they have HORRIBLE aim and ammo and they fall over often, but they spammed the entire building full of glitchy laser beams untill i turned them off. I was laughing when i saw him jumping over the lasers that were half way stuck in the floor. the other ASR trainee shouted to me "your security sucks" i shouted back that i agreed but at least it was spamming the place to prevent them fro being in it for too long. I died. when i got back this time i decided to be funny. i rezzed a "special sphere'(which is what i call it) and shouted the command. it rezzed more spheres, and then those rezzed more and so on, and so on. untill my building was overflowing with them. funny thing was, is that they do 100damage when touched. and then i watched them all die in the building of "balls". then i said the clean command and then cleaned up my building and took a copy of it then logged off. Thats pretty much how everyday goes for me except during training, meetings and when im not doing much else. which aint often.

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