This is part 1 of the Adventure Rant: SuperSaiyanKirby, WANTS REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Tuesday, December 8, 2009..... Something terrible has happened. His Youtube friend, BlueMario1016, had gotten a comment reply message from his "4Kids TV Last Stand" video..... and boy were they shocked.The great war of Hating has begun between 4K!DS, The CW 4K!DS, fighting against the nice 4K!DS Haters, like SuperSaiyanKirby. Ever since this comment has been typed in by ShutUpAnti4KidsPeeps, "Lame and pathetic", the following war has begun. This HATING has became too far. One innocent The CW 4K!DS hater, had just had enough, was SuperSaiyanKirby......

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