The warriors of Inak are specially trained to kill all opposing forces, which happens to be anything or one that manages to stroll in their way... In this world there is no law, there is no justice unless is is bestowed upon by a blade,not many warriors have what it takes, they are meerly worthless pawns as opposed to The Lord Damarah, who could melt the minds of most who challenge him. Lord Damarah was no human though, he was more like a god of unimaginable evil, he could summon the great fires of 'Azarik' to incinerate armies of a thousand, he could deal more pain than is possible for our brains to process, he controls vast armies that have corrupt and controlled the plains of Shragia.Shragia is a place once inhabited by the peaceful race(Shrekin)Shrekin are an ancient amphibious race that consume the powers of 'The Relic Of The Waters' The Relic was recovered by Shrekin after the first war of the waters. The relic is now under the control of Damarah, the sun has stopped shining on Shragia, and the relic is now giving it's powers to the armies of Damarah, they are now more of a threat than they ever have been. Most minds are not powerful enough to withdraw the power of the relic, not even all of damarah's demons survive the process... The only race that have mastered 'The Relic Of The Waters' are the blessed Shrekin who now stand only in small numbers after Damarah's slaughter... Inak has chosen it's greatest to defend it's land, Talin the knight of Vespa Mountains being one of them. After Talin's dad died defending Vespa Mountain against the great dragon, he took an oathe to protect Inak from anything that threatened it, since then he has proven a true heir to his father and a true warrior of Inak, he wields the sword 'Fatherhood' which his blacksmith crafted for him, it is encrusted with glowing runes and it is a very powerful blade. Horath is Talin's close friend, he is a dwarf from 'Artell' he is also the Blacksmith that created 'Fatherhood' he knows no fear and has infinate amount of wisdom, even if he asks a question it seems like he knows the answer... So that is a taste of the world that will soon be developed through writing.. enjoy.

Gilf = )

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