Pirate was best friends with Vorlahk until he started to rob other Saurpians. When any robber gets caught the Saurpians will get him and find another Saurpian to fight them. When Pirate was caught the Saurpian that would fight him was Vorlahk. In the end of the fight Vorlahk won by cutting off his had and stopping it from regenerating forever. And after any fight the robber was banished. Pirate had his hand replaced by a long hook.


When he was banished he had a taste for revenge at Vorlahk and wanted to get all the Saurpians back so he attacke other tribes and left evidence that he was a Saurpian. When the tribes found the evidence they all attacked the Saurpians and killed all of them except for Vorlahk, Zarox and, Pirate.

Now Pirate is just a loner trying to find Vorlahk and kill him.

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