Introduction  I would sincerely seek indulgence and proceed for presenting my understanding of the true definitions of both history and literature. A Gist of The Paper Main thrust of the paper on History and Literature              1.      History should be an instrument of human memory serving human aspirations and Cultural Achievements. This ought to have necessarily A Reality Status Of Cosmic Existence 2.      Literature may cover all aspects of human activities in the universe including its vital, psychic and spiritual endeavors.  It may cover all the forms of art such as music, dance, painting, drama, cinema, sculpture etc. It may also cover all temporal features and interests and activities of enjoyment and pleasure of relationships of human beings amongst themselves, and with the other life and nature in the universe.   But, the desirable emphasis should be to serve and contribute to the main cause of history as narrated above.   3.      I am taking up the two recently raised up ancient cultural subjects of interest to demonstrate, how we happen to miss the objectives.  The two illustrations are “Saraswati” and "RamSetu".    I had prepared detailed papers on these two subjects for certain forums.  I am attaching them with this paper.  I do not want to load the reader with the elaborate argument for “Integral Spiritual Perception” developed there in at length.   Brief comments on the two papers   [In Saraswati it could be noticed that the recent effort was concentrated on establishing the erstwhile physicality of Saraswati as a River.  Subconsciously, the attempt was to challenge the charge of the materialist politicians against the Hindu or Vedic claims that although unseen "Saraswati" is a reality.  This did not include the claim that the seed concept of Saraswati is a spiritual one and is unmanifest in the average normal status of human cognition, but, it is a cosmic reality having a relationship defined and governed between the unmanifest and the manifest.    Similarly, in the case of Rama Setu the attempt was concentrated on submitting the proofs of reality of its creation as described in the Ramayana to the judiciary and the political administration of this country.  The evidence which was compiled and submitted was primarily based on textual nature, mythology, religious belief systems, and also on physical materialist level of challenging the efficacy of the project of destroying Rama Setu to facilitate international channel of navigation, between the mainland India and the island Sri Lanka.  But, no attempt was made to establish the unseen spiritual power and heritage of the spiritual culture, which is reflected even now in the concept of a "Setu".  Setu is a materialistically symbolic unseen Bridge, between the cognitive consciousness levels -- Vyahrutis of Vital, psychic and spiritual levels in the cosmic history of human culture and civilization.]  It has the status of A Spiritual Heritage in the context of Integral Spiritual Understanding Of History.   The subject of this paper   The subject of my paper could be described as “The Reality concepts of history and Literature" ·        In order to appreciate my presentation, I would like to request you to please keep aside your notions or concepts whatever, about both history and literature. ·        This request is made for the plain reason that there is no common universally accepted consensus about the concept of reality in the human society living on this Earth.  The reality concept is heavily embroiled in all the man-made ‘Thought Constructs’ like philosophy, science, politics, religion etc. ·        If, however, history and literature is to be taken seriously for study, then in my opinion, it demands a fresh definition, which must satisfy the criterion of an eternal truth.  To use the Vedic terms, the words are " Rita and Satya" ·        I feel, however, we are miles away from this path.  Why?  We must search for the reasons of this failure   At the outset, I would like to observe that we have adopted– -a wrong model of “The MAN” -a wrong model of “The UNIVERSE” -a wrong model of “LIFE, HISTORY AND LITERATURE”   What are the True ‘Model’ perceptions that we have missed?   Integral scheme of cosmic reality   Man Man is not merely a social being.  Man is a spiritual being, having mortal body, but in fact "the embodied consciousness". Universe It is an integral world as per the Vedic concept, consisting of unmanifest and manifest interconnected and interdependent fields. Life       Mortal life for body form (under evolution),      Soul or consciousness (under evolution towards divinity) and undergoing a cycle of birth and rebirth. `                              History and literature Both these concepts are harmoniously linked up with the concepts of reality and the road map of cosmic evolution.   Specimen Supporting Views   Hegel Hegel considers the events of history in terms of universal reason: "That world history is governed by an ultimate design, that it is a rational process... this is a proposition whose truth we must assume; its proof lies in the study of world history itself, which is the image and enactment of reason."    The ultimate design of the world is such that absolute spirit, here understood as God, comes to know itself and fully become itself in and through the triumphs and tragedies of history.   Mahayogi Aurobindo "From this point of view it is an excellent thing, a sign of great promise, that the wheel of civilization has been following its past and present curve upward from a solid physical knowledge through a successive sounding of higher and higher powers that mediate between Matter and Spirit." Gopi Krishna-[founder of the kundalini research Center -- New York, USA] `"Once the possibility of a spiritual rebirth with the arousal of this mighty power (kundalini) is   accepted by mankind, kundalini yoga will provide the most sublime enterprise for the pure minded and intelligent adventurous spirits of the age.  To the share of this lofty class of men adorned with the knowledge of the inner and the outer worlds, will fall the Herculean task of educating humanity in the essentials of this Almighty spiritual law to guide the race to the glorious estate obtained for it. "Mortal man is threatened by a world created by himself.  He is faced with the conversion of mind to naturalism, a dogmatic secularism and an opposition to a belief in the transcendent.  He begins to see, however, that the universe is given not as one existing and one perceived but as the unity of subject and object; that the barrier between them cannot be said to have been resolved as the result of recent experience in the physical sciences, since this barrier had never existed." Ruth Nanda Anshen "The Constraints are diminishing and infinity of choices becomes available to him.  Thus man himself, from the sources of his ontological being, at last must decide what is the bonum et malum.  And though the anonymous forces which in the past have set the constraints do indeed threaten him with total anarchy and with perhaps a worst tyranny than he experienced in the past history, he nevertheless begins to see that preceding the moral issue, is the cognitive problem: the perception of those conditions for life, which permit mankind to fulfill itself and to accept the truth, that beyond scientific, discursive knowledge is non-discursive, intuitive awareness.  And, I suggest, this is not to secularize God but rather to gather him into the heart of the nature of matter and indeed of life itself.—" Rodney Brooks [Reputed Scientist -- Artificial Intelligence] "Cognition emerges from the history and memory of the organism’ in interactions with the world around it" Some Counter Views   Ludwig Feuerbach: (1804-1872) -- a Marxist view "He took a resolute stand Independence of Materialism and showed that Hegel's Absolute Idea was nothing but the human mind divorced from its vehicle -- man -- and turned into an independent creative source of the external world. According to him thought could not exist outside man and independently of him, for it is a property of the human brain, its activity, in which the spiritual and material are closely interrelated."   The Marxist improvement on this aspect is "that man, being a part of nature, is at the same time a product of social life, and that his consciousness is determined not only by physiological processes unfolding in his organism, his brain in particular, but also by social relations, by the material conditions of human life".   My Criticism   This paper is not the place to enter into philosophical polemical debates. We are at the moment considering the issue of history and literature. And, I am presenting the subject in the light of wisdom gathered and learnt here. However, the total picture of diverse views about 'True World View' is chaotic and remains unresolved.    But, it has to be observed that The Materialist are shy of ascribing credit of cosmic creation to God or /any other integral spiritual source.    They dogmatically and assumptatively prefer to give all credit to Nature.  And, this Nature, as per their statements, is not fully understood by them.    This merely Amounts to playing on the words. This debate, incidentally, has found echo in “The Intelligent Designer” controversy raging in education, church and judiciary in the United States.   The post Aurobindo scenario is positive and futuristic. The changes in the on going  Outlook have become necessary , because for the first time spirituality and spiritual science is attempting to extricate itself from the organized religion and dogmatic, paradigm bound [The generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time] science and scientific temper.    Human being is a spiritual entity.  He can be best described as embodied consciousness. History has a real obligatory function to trace its path and keep an honest record for the posterity.   History and Literature have identified itself to its physical and psychic form, but has not discovered/or rediscovered, its spiritual potential, spiritual expressions and manifestations, realizations to reach the highest ecstatic level of joy of life described in the Vedic parlance as” Sat- Chit- Anand”.   What is the Bharatiya cultural contribution?     “Ramayana and Mahabharata” represent the classic epic stories (Aakhyan) in the Bharatiya culture.  The span of Ramayana stretches from Ayodhya in the North India to Sri Lanka in the South.  As against this, Mahabharata has a stretch from East to West. But apart from this, Ramayana has several interpretations say from Valmiki Ramayana (devotional) to Adhyatma Ramayana (spiritual) and many more.   Mahabharata written by Maharshi Vyasa has given rise to an eternal spiritual treasure of Bhagvad Gita.  It mentions two levels of understanding of the spiritual sermon and advice to Arjuna.  These represent two fields of consciousness levels i.e.” Kuru Kshetra and Dharma Kshetra.  In plain language it means the materialist and the spiritualist levels of consciousness this consciousness is in the crucible of cosmic evolution, here and now, on this planet Earth and in this universe.   Are these epic treasures belonging to Aryam culture, a mere piece of literature -- a story, mythology, legend, a fiction, spiritual fiction, Purana -- a devotional writing?   History has to put a question, why has it an eternal value ring?  Why does this piece of literature survives even now and has an ageless character?  Why had it a spread of influence over geographically the distant lands and divided political and religious rules? This kind of evidence has a significance, which history cannot overlook.   Literature, then, has to sub serve such objectives.   This paper focuses attention on the historically gradual degeneration of the cultural values    But the moot point for our paper is that the concepts of history and literature have undergone a gross degeneration in values despite its superficial exuberance and proliferation.   Vedic Apourusheya knowledge speaks about the motivations and structural creation of this universe   Remember, this was and is even today the most important heritage of the entire human race -- miserably lost in history and wrong interpretation of the spiritual message.      "Yajnya" is not a very just object.  Yajnya has been described details in the Vedic scriptures as a very important spiritually practical concept of the process involving actual creation and transformation in the manifest reality.   The descriptions and the stories about Yajnya, which are found in literature are erroneously termed as mythology and mysticism and have not fetched attention or restoration on its spiritual pedestal by research.  Because, the failure was due to non-keeping or insistence on the praxis (Translating an idea into action).  But, Yajnya is a cosmic processing machinery for quantitatively enhancing the consciousness in its spiritual context.   The present form of history does not even accept the obligation to conserve this knowledge. The Gautam Buddha was rightly concerned for the unfortunate loss of character of the contemporary practice of this Yajnya process.  His era is full of this struggle on the subject of contemporary face of this Yajnya and its loss of reality and efficacy.  Hindu Dharma was engaged only in some philosophical compromises and intellectually cosmic improvements.  But, history tells us that it has failed to restore Yajnya on its true spiritual pedestal.   This significant loss was again unfortunately secured by distorting history by the natives and burning records of history by the invaders.  The Yajnya skills are wiped out by the successive political rulers and administrations, which resorted to employment of ‘reason and intellectuality’, which both, were incapable of demonstrating any spiritual capacities.   Again, history concept did fall into its political version and nurtured ignorant debates on Aryan invasion into India [Bharat].  It was decidedly a pervert Imperial objective.    Swami Dayananda, founder of Arya Samaj has stated that there was only one human race known as Aryans (cultured people) who inhabited the entire land mass on the earth and had one political rule of  a Chakravarty King.(Vide-‘ Satya Prakash’).  It is, only thereafter, as a matter of historical, geological, political, religious developments, which fractured the basic unity of mankind.   Two illustrations   [Let me briefly present the two illustrations from Indian history, which have engaged the minds of the present generation. appendix A. and B.]   The future objectives and conclusions   But, the moot point for our present essay is that the present concepts of history and literature have gradually degenerated to a level, which has lost the capacity and motivations to keep the human race on the correct evolutionary path of consciousness to divinity. This was in fact, very specifically prescribed and structured in the very act of creation of the universe.   What was the nature of systematic and chronological steps of down gradation?   The graded downward levels of consciousness could be broadly described as follows:-   1.      Integrally spiritual (seed form in the unmanifest/Awyakta), provision of “Yajnya” -- a spiritual consciousness process. 2.      Intuitive human level as that of a Rishi. 3.      Interpretative level at the mortal human being i.e.-embodied consciousness.(Four Vedas, Vak, Mantra, tantra, Yantra, Sanskrit-Deva Bhasha) 4.      intellectual -- based on human rational and logic 5.      infrastructural dependence of expression on symbolism, literature, stories, drama, poetry, dance-Nritya kala, Sangeet-music, art and painting, sculptures , rituals etc. 6.      debates, seminars, discussions and now blogs on computer an Internet   If as students of history and literature, our object is to seek the correct path of development and serve the cause of life- Chaitanya, then we should engage ourselves in assessing the reality status of history and literature and offering valuable criticisms to jack up the cognitive levels to catch up with an evolutionary path on the chronological steps of upgradation, as mentioned above’   God bless us all.    (Yeshwant Sane) Mr.Yeshwant Ramchandra Sane, B.E. (Civil), FIV, FIS, RICS (Lond) Retd.Estate Manager, Bombay Port Trust, Visiting Faculty Member, Sardar Patel University, Gujrat, India Dr.Ambedkar University, Ahamadabad Ex-Trustee Granthali (Mumbai), and Brahman Shikhan Mandal, Thane, Vice President Thane Nagar Wachan Mandir Library (160 yrs Old), President Spiritual Science Centre, Thane, Res: Sonal Appt. Agiary Lane, near Saraswat Bank, PC 400601 Res Tel: -91-022-25368450           And,  91-022-64500148 MBL: 9004051847 E-mail:  

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